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Thread: Italian Firegalley in early

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    I'm playing Byzantines and I saw that the Italians had a firegalley around the year 1111. This was after the patch. I can't build any even though I already had dockyards because they are supposed to be high period units. Has any experienced something similar? I haven't played the game in 2 months but IIRC, the Italians don't start with one.

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    itallians rule the seas early, can be frustrating if you are trying to start your trade empire
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    If you can just gang up on them with a bunch of ships. They might get them early but the ai has no clue on how to use its navy with effect.

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    I'm not really at war with them currently. I'm just curious how they got a ship in early period that shouldn't be available until high period since the Byzantines and Italians have a similar tech-tree with regards to ships.

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    I believe this was fixed in the patch, at least in my latest game it was. I am playing italian early and I dont have a fire galley like I used to before the patch, so that would indicate to me that it was fixed.
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    havent seen them with FG on early..patched version here aswell..

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    No code is perfect , perhaps the game just "hiccuped" {you know ; the game goes "hiccup" and out pops a Firegalley in Early Period} . Is you game modded ? Weird things can happen when you mod .
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