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Thread: EU Elections 2019

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    Default EU Elections 2019

    So, in one month we have the elections for the next European Parliament. The strongest participants are firstly the People's Party and secondly the Social-Democrats. In the conservative side, we also have the liberals of ALDE and the conservatives of ECR, whose platform I find identical with that of the PP. On the left, there are the Greens and the United Left, whose names are self-explanatory. Last but not least, the Eurosceptic front is composed of Farage's soft version (EFDD) and the openly far-right ENF. There are also the non-attached chaps, whose membership ranges from Latvian agrarians to unrepentant Nazis. Neither of them has either joined a larger coalition or has succeeded in forming a group of his own. Personally, I will vote for the CPG, whose European political group (established by CPG itself) is the INITIATIVE. Of course, there is no chance that it will reach the necessary 25 members, as from the around 30 parties cooperating with the INITIATIVE, only CPG is popular enough to elect its representatives in the Parliament.

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    Default Re: EU Elections 2019

    the major eu groupings are all in flux, and we won't know the power blocs until all the post election mergers and disollutions have happened.

    probably by july.

    will fidesz remain in the EPP, or will they leave after the election results for maximum effect.
    will fidesz join PIS in the ECR, will they be joined by other elements of the populist right.
    with ukip and tories leaving, will that collapse EFFD and cause the remainder to coalesce around ECR or Marine LePen's group.

    will Macron's vision implode, forcing him to join ALDE.

    will the populists on the left grow as much as the right.

    what damage will all this do the incumbent titans of the federalist centre-left/right (PES/EPP).

    Interesting times!


    on a separate note - with Lord Buckethead going up against Nigel Farage I simply cannot lose. *gets popcorn*
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