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Thread: Substitute players still welcome

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    Default Substitute players still welcome

    I am currently still looking for substitute players for Resident Evil: Resurrection.

    The game is sort of like a survival horror game.

    You are given a character and you are on a map. Here is the map, just to give you an idea.

    In the spoiler:

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Here is the map with the subway, elevated rail, and landmark boundaries highlighted.

    This map is pretty big, so feel free to open it up in a tab and use the magnifying glass.

    So your character and about 50+ other characters are still alive in the game and are attempting to escape the city.

    It should be as simple as walking off the edge of the map, but it is not. Something is compelling the survivors to remain inside the city. What that something is actually got revealed in one of the story posts already, and the survivors are trying to undo what was done, so they can escape the city.

    By the way, here is that story post. Highly recommended, sets the tone of the game and the story.

    M2: Greetings from Dr. Chaotix- 6:00 PM

    Inside the city are a bunch of other player characters, but also many non-player characters, most of which are hostile.

    As this is a Resident Evil themed survival game, most of the NPCs are zombies or other monsters and horrible creatures.

    Inside the game, scattered all over the map, are items you can find, and they are randomly generated for each player so even though other folks have been playing for a bit, the map is still filled with items.

    The items you can find are melee weapons, ranged weapons, sniper weapons, armor, healing items, stat-boosting herbs, and materials you can use to improvise barricades, traps, and other things that might help you survive.

    When the game began, almost all the landmark buildings were closed. Roughly half have been opened up.

    The solution to escaping the game could be found inside these landmark buildings, but it could be tough to get inside them, and you have to battle, run from, or hide from hordes of zombies as you attempt to make your way across the map.

    Not every player character in the game is friendly, some have their own objectives, fewer still are outright hostile, but the main antagonists for the majority of the players are the zombies.

    If you are slain, you have the option to remain in the game as a possible substitute player, or you can join the zombie horde and command a legion of zombies.

    Why you would wish to do so, is if you're enjoying the game and want to continue playing, but also because (for fun) we will be scoring each player at the end of the game.

    Your score will be based on your activity (sending in legal, on time orders, or orders at all), and based on completing objectives, like busting open landmarks, finding keys and hints, finding alternative routes of escape, personally escaping, personally surviving, personally killing zombies or other hostiles, and helping your team meet its team objectives.

    And even if you end up switching teams when you die, you will continue scoring points for yourself, in your new team.

    So, even if you die, it is possible to be a top scorer on your team, help your team finish victoriously, or even be the top scorer overall.

    Requirements to play:

    The game will take maybe 10 minutes of your time each week, minimum. It doesn't take long to tell me you want to go to tile F5 and search for items, for example. But if you meet other survivors, you can converse, strategize, and trade items if you want, so when you meet people, maybe you want to check in more often and converse and trade and plan out your moves together, if you want to work with them.

    The game moves at a fairly slow pace, about 1 turn per week. Later, when more people are dead, we can do 2 turns a week, and we can knock out the turns quickly.

    There is estimated to be about 6 months worth of turns remaining in the game.

    That's the biggie.


    Now, I don't expect if you sign up, join the game, and hate the experience, that you will commit for all 6 months. Frankly, I am just happy someone was willing to try to sub in, and sent a few orders before deciding the game wasn't for them. Even if that's all you can give me it is better than nothing. Hopefully more players die off by then and I have actual subs.

    Learning how to play the game:

    Looks complicated, because there are so many rules and mechanics publicly posted. That's just for reference, though, so after you get cozy with the game, you know where to look for things yourself.

    But it is MY responsibility to help you play the game, until you know how.

    If you were like a first time dungeons and dragons player, your team or the DM would go out of their way to make the experience enjoyable by telling you what your options are in any given situation, so that you can make the most intelligent decisions possible.

    I can explain the pros and cons of each decision.

    This game is also far, far less complicated than dungeons and dragons, and I will walk you through your movement and action turns until you feel confident you know what kinds of orders to send in.

    People who have never played a game like this, or are not gamers at all, have played the previous iteration of this game and stuck through it for 6 months and had a blast.

    Don't be daunted by the game looking complicated. It isn't very, for the player.

    You're basically just telling me where you're going, what you're doing when you get there, and when you get there, if you're battling, searching, hiding, trading, and so on.

    It's not complicated for the player. The rules and mechanics make it so that you can just tell me what youre trying to do, and there is a mechanic for that, and a rule, and it is consistently applied for all players, and posted publicly. So you know each player is being treated fairly.

    You can ask me anything at any time, and especially if you answer your PMs quickly or use Discord (preferred) or some other instant messaging service, you will get a rapid response.

    I will park my butt in front of the computer and answer all your questions anytime I am online.

    There is no public discussion, this is a game of limited line of sight and hidden movements, because you can hide from enemies and potential threats. Only if you're within a tile of someone, or have a radio and they have a radio, can you communicate.

    For all the information you could ever need about the game, this thread exists, and it is not a place you can post.

    Resident Evil Resurrection: GAME THREAD

    I personally recommend scrolling down to post number 3 of that thread. It contains the Index.

    Here is what you will find there:
    So, as you can see, it is rather easy to find what you're looking for.

    There is a lot to read, but you don't really have to read literally any of that to play.

    Just tell me you want in, and I will walk you through the game.

    You need to look at the map, and tell me where you're going. And then, during action phase, what youre doing when youre there.

    EZ Peasy.

    Anyone who is interested, please contact me via discord, or PM, here or there.

    I have several slots that could use people. The game took a couple month hiatus when I got sick recently, so I lost players during that time.

    Thanks for hearing me out!

    Contact me on Discord by adding me:

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