I am Bladvak and I am an old timer who spent a lot of time on the .net forum. I've played a lot of Total War games (and a little bit of mods too), and I own all the Total War games on Steam between Shogun and Rome 2 (with the notable exception of Alexander for RTW).

I am here mostly because of an old post from 2006 which may have a solution to some registry issues I've faced with installing EB 1.3, mainly crashes when the battle starts.

As a note: I was a fan of Shogun 2 for a few months after it appeared and it was my favorite, but now I think it is one of the most shallow TW games ever made, proportionate with the capacity of improved software development. It's basically a race to build one stack of sword infantry and conquer everything. If anyone disagrees with me, feel free to reply in this thread, I'm more than happy to vent my frustration, er sorry, debate with you guys :D.

I hope this is a good introduction by your standards, I know it is by mine.

Happy gaming !