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Thread: Any Plans?

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    Question Any Plans?

    Hello EB team I have been a long fan of yours for a very long time. Being a history fanatic playing Rome: Total War I could tell there were A LOT of historical inaccuracies, and not knowing how to mod myself I just sat there and dealt with it, until I came across EB which was after I was disappointed with RTR. EB had the ancient language, the music was awesome, the historic events were very interesting, and the scripting for certain actions to cause certain things was everything you could hope for, example was if Roma or Qart-Hadast attacked Messana it would start the First Punic War. The Units were also great being historical and accurate, my only issue I had was the game crashed at around 130 BC for some reason could've been my old computer. I am here to ask you if you guys have any plans on modding EB for Rome 2: Total War, reason I ask is the honest thing I was very content with Rome: Total War with EB 1 mod but after my old laptop crashed hard (dead) I had to get a new laptop because I wanted to play EB. But when I installed Rome: Total War I couldn't play it or EB on my new laptop and when I looked up as to why it's because Rome 1 is too old to play on my new laptop for some reason. So I gave in and bought Rome 2 which is a better version (historical wise), but it still has some inaccuracies that and I liked the Events and music form EB. One of the inaccuracies is you start in 272 BC, Rome is in the Polybian Reforms instead of the Camillian Reforms with only 2 Camillian units: Leves & Rorarii. There is no scipting to cause the First Punic Wars for a big reason Messana no longer exists in the Campaign. The only time it shows up is Hannibal at the Gates which is the Second Punic Wars. If you guys don't have plans currently or don't have plans to entirely I understand that, playing EB was the best mod I've ever had in a game. Keep up the good work and have a great day, you guys rule!

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    Lightbulb Re: Any Plans?

    Hello Kresshik, welcome to the .Org and to EB .

    As far as I know, the team is still working on Europa Barbarorum 2 (for Medieval: Total War 2). However, you are more likely to get an answer to your question on the EB2 forum (alternatively: the TWC forum), as these are more active than the EB1 fora.

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    Indeed. As Ludens says, while there is still some guys working on EBI, most of the team and also new members are working on EBII for Medieval II Total War Kingdoms. In my opinion, it is a lot better than old EBI, more accurate, better units, better scripting, better graphics, etc. You should try it.

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    Default Re: Any Plans?

    Fairly certain you can download for free (using your CD key) a copy of RTW on steam and then install EBI on that one...

    In any case I echo trying out EBII too!


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