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Thread: Wonder Movies Not Playing

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    When I conquer a province with a great wonder, I get the pop up window for it but the movie part is just a black screen. Other than that, the game runs great. The cut scenes do show on the battle screen. I'm playing the Gold Edition.

    This is happening on the CD version of the game. I tested it on the steam version and they work, so I guess its a game setting that I need to change. I would rather play the CD version because it seems to run better and I heard that on the Steam version you can only load one mod.

    I tried searching google for "wonder movies not playing" but I couldn't find anything on this problem.

    Any ideas?

    While playing yesterday, I conquered Alexandria and the wonder movie played. Go figure.
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    Default Re: Wonder Movies Not Playing

    The only thing I can think of (short of the usual problems associated with playing a 32-bit game on a 64-bit system) to help with identifying the problem, is to use command switches as described here:

    Of course, back everything up before making any changes
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