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    This might make some of the high profile modders cringe, but I'm looking for any answers on the battle_models folder, if any can be provided. I have found a lot of good information on editing and adding units, but nothing that addressing this particular point.

    Now, maybe I don't need this, but this is where I'm at where I think I might. I'm in the process of modding the Normans and I want to add the Gothic Knights into their fold. When I mod them over they get the silver texture (I assume this is NO texture). I want to know how to assign them a texture that works.

    This would also lead to the third phase of my modding. I have some models for the Normans that are red, I want to make them black and yellow. I could either use the texture that the HRE has or I could edit it in GIMP like I used to on Rome TW if possible.

    I've been reading some guys help with modding on here for years, excited to plunge into the frey, thanks in advance.

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    TWcenter…. /forums/showthread.php?122047-battle_models-modeldb-explanation
    I found it


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