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Thread: UK General Election 2019

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    Quote Originally Posted by Greyblades View Post
    Worse than Rospierre? We talking domestically worst or internationally?
    Quote Originally Posted by Philippus Flavius Homovallumus View Post
    Rospierre was complicit in atrocities and paid the price - he also betrayed the spirit of the Revolution in an attempt to save it.
    I hate to interfere, but it's RoBEspierre! Or did you mean Ross Perot?
    Quote Originally Posted by Suraknar View Post
    The article exists for a reason yes, I did not write it...

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    Default Re: UK Election 2019

    Quote Originally Posted by Idaho View Post
    The Tories seem to have a better strategy:

    - Say brexit lots
    - step up personal attacks
    - hide all Tory candidates (Rees mogg and gove hid under a rock for the whole campaign)
    - repeat
    Well, Rees Mogg did after the fire fighter thing,
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