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    Hello guys!
    I have some questions about KB.
    1. Wonder. Royal Kurgan (Tomb). I have seen this like wonder at Scythiapolis and Olbia (EB2), but originally its near Panikapaion. You can look this pict at rus or ukr wiki. Or at google maps, here is coordinates:45░22'25.2"N 36░31'33.7"E
    Guys, I was born at Kerch (Pantikapaion), and I have seen this "wonder" lots of times, trust me ^^
    Our historican says, that Royal kurgan teoretically is tomb of Parisades I from Spartokid dynasty of Bosporian tyrans.
    2. Next question. If it possible and you will have some time for that, can you make KB general not so useless? Its impossible to fight with KB general bodyguard unit.. MB Skythian noble cav or something more hellenistic?
    3. Last. When Thureos reform is happens I havnt seen any thureophoroi, euzonoi etc at Panikapainon roster is it ok?

    PS. Great work guys, im your fan since 2006 or 07 I dont remember.. Just thx for EB.
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