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Thread: Corruption in Rome: Total War

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    Default Corruption in Rome: Total War

    Hello people!

    I started a new thread on here because I'm quite doubtful of how corruption is on a settlement.
    Which I really understand of corruption, is that actually it can't be stopped, it's quite impossible to make corruption not to exist in Rome: Total War.

    But, I asked this because I really don't know how to stop it (if it actually can be stopped at all), how to prevent it, or reduce it.
    I guess that the buildings like the Academy reduces corruption or it makes better governors, but I didn't have any results when building those kind of buildings.

    If anyone knows how corruption is caused and a tip of how to reduce it, and why the Academy, Ludus Magna etc. doesn't do anything about corruption, I'll be very grateful if an answer is shown. Thanks for the attention.


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    Hello Zethër, welcome to the .Org .

    Check out this thread on corruption in the Game Mechanics forum. It should answer some of your questions.

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    Default Re: Corruption in Rome: Total War

    Any building that says "public order bonus due to law" will reduce some, and the eastern factions have stuff such as Execution squares and what have you that do a better job than other factions in rooting out corruption. Also the distance to capital in your empire plays a role, so always make sure your capital is as centralized as possible because otherwise you will have bad corruption problems in cities that should be making more money for you. Barbarian Invasion dealt better with this by fixing academies, but yeah RTW leaves some things to be desired in that area.

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    Default Re: Corruption in Rome: Total War

    You can halt both squalor & corruption dead in their tracks without modding/cheating or throwing your computer out the window...

    Here's a good discussion on how to do it:

    The discussion gets specific about post #20. Check out the screen shots. Huge and very large cities with ZPG (Zero Population Growth)---the orange population growth icon tells you you've achieved ZPG.

    Here's another discussion:

    Again, check out the screen shots to see the effectiveness of ZPG, even in traditionally tough cities to control like Jerusalem, Tarsus, Carthage, etc. I know that corruption itself is mostly a factor of Distance-to-Capital and several other things, but corruption and squalor are most definitely linked, and if you control squalor and find the optimal location for your capital, you effectively control corruption. And besides, as I noted there somewhere, corruption can actually have a net gain in income.....not very often, but I've had it happen. Also, corruption doesn't necessarily have to have a negative impact on general traits. Just keep them out of cities as much as possible. There's a bunch of screenies I posted there on general traits when I had ridiculous amounts of money in my treasury....
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