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Thread: Corruption in Rome: Total War

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    Default Corruption in Rome: Total War

    Hello people!

    I started a new thread on here because I'm quite doubtful of how corruption is on a settlement.
    Which I really understand of corruption, is that actually it can't be stopped, it's quite impossible to make corruption not to exist in Rome: Total War.

    But, I asked this because I really don't know how to stop it (if it actually can be stopped at all), how to prevent it, or reduce it.
    I guess that the buildings like the Academy reduces corruption or it makes better governors, but I didn't have any results when building those kind of buildings.

    If anyone knows how corruption is caused and a tip of how to reduce it, and why the Academy, Ludus Magna etc. doesn't do anything about corruption, I'll be very grateful if an answer is shown. Thanks for the attention.


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    Lightbulb Re: Corruption in Rome: Total War

    Hello Zethėr, welcome to the .Org .

    Check out this thread on corruption in the Game Mechanics forum. It should answer some of your questions.

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