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Thread: @ 89 Romani Provinces, need Advice.

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    Default @ 89 Romani Provinces, need Advice.

    Hi All,

    This is my first post on this Forum! I just registered moments ago! I've played Total War since 2005, and have played EB on and off since... I can't remember... 2007?

    I started playing again at VH/VH Romani. I'm at 89 province in 236BC. I've progressed pretty fast so I haven't been able to produce many Poybian Principes, nor have I stocked up on Pedites Extrodinarii infantry and calvary, and Camillan Triarii.
    I Also have many units coming back home to Rome to retrain! Many units that have only 1-5 soldiers in each unit. My armies are in distant frontiers far from rome... Babylon, Armenia, South Egypt....

    I need suggestions on What to do. I have Bibracte here, empty. I just annihilated the city's garrison, and the army that attacked me while i was sieging the city. The city is completely empty now; all I have to do is walk in to take it.

    I would take Bibracte if I had a diplomat to gift the city to someone else after I sack it and destroy the barracks... but i don't have any diplomats ready. I really want to destroy their barracks because their making those solduros and they are OP.

    But I want to stock up on some polybian infantry and retrain many of my units. I know it sounds odd that I don't want the marian reforms to happen when my empire is so large, but I will suffer for a short time because I won't be able to pump out stacks of armies by retraining my depleted units coming back home. Also, I have some barracks upgrading in the italian peninsula and once marian reforms happen, those barracks upgrading will cancel automatically. It's bullshit. And then i would have to queue the barrack again.

    Anybody got suggestions or tips? Sound advice would be most welcome. Thank You

    PS, I don't know how to post the image of my Romani Campaign. I screenshotted it and saved it in Paint. It's a PNG image.
    I tried using the "Insert Image" button... but not sure how to insert the file. If anyone knows, please let me know, thanks.

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    Lightbulb Re: @ 89 Romani Provinces, need Advice.

    Hello ZTA, welcome to the .Org and to EB .

    As an anti-spam measure, we don't allow new posters to add pictures until they've posted 5 times or so. That's why you couldn't add a picture.

    I am not entirely sure what you are asking, though. You want to avoid (or at least delay) the Marian reforms? I don't know the exact trigger, but you could ask at the EB TWC forum - there's still some activity there.

    Honestly, though: it sounds like a case of Imperial overstretch. I'd say you either have take a defensive posture, and accept that Bribracte will continue to spam Solduros, or keep attacking, and accept that the Marian reform will happen sooner rather than later.

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    Default Re: @ 89 Romani Provinces, need Advice.

    Hey Ludens,

    I reread my post and realized how unorganized and difficult it is to understand what is being wrote.

    So basically the dilemma i have is: Take Bibracte and weaken the avernii by destroying their barracks and sacking the city for gold, or to hold off on Bibracte and replenish my armies with good units.
    It's one or the other because taking Bibracte would begin implement the Marian Reforms on the next turn, which would not allow me to retrain my units.

    The desires to take bibracte is to destroy the 5k gold barracks they have there that is pumping out solduros. I want to take that out before the barb faction gets too big. Also, I want the gold of sacking the city... around 10-15k and + 5k +2.5k for the 2 barracks.

    Only bad part of taking Bibracte is a few things...

    A minor thing is it will take me deeper into Gaul, provoking war with Aeudui who I am in peace with.

    The main reason is that it will take me to 90 provinces, which will automatically take me to the Marian reforms. Many of you think this reform is good for you, but it is not good for me right now for a few reasons.
    1. I am currently in the middle of building barracks at home in the Italia provinces... but if the Marian reforms happen, the barracks are automatically cancelled, and all those turns to construct the barracks will be in vain.
    2. I need to replenish my armies.
    A) After the Marian reforms, I cannot retrain camillan triarii, pedites extrodinarii, and equites p.e.... which I have many coming back home to retrain. Many of the units coming back home only have 1-5 soldiers in the unit and have about 20 units coming back on boats.
    B) I'm a bit low on principes rn, because I just had the Polybian reforms about 12 turns ago. So a lot of my Camillan Principes are gone.
    Also I want to stack up on Polybian Principes as they are the best bang for your buck for heavy infantry in all of EB, IMHO. These polybian principes would be perfect as reserve armies as they are relatively cheap, and deal armour piercing damage along with having good armour themselves.

    So this is my Dilemma. To take Bibracte and start the Marian Reforms, or to hold off on Bibracte and replenish my armies with good units.

    I actually decided to hold off on taking Bibracte until at least my barracks are finished, which is about 6 more turns. The Avernii garrisoned the empty city of Bibracte immediately on the next turn with a small army, and I immediately resieged it with a full stack under Caivs lulius Caesar.

    Thanks for getting back to me Ludens! I look forward to interacting in this forum.
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    Lightbulb Re: @ 89 Romani Provinces, need Advice.

    That does sound like the best choice, even if it means that you need to fight another Averni stack or three.

    Quote Originally Posted by Zephyrus Targaryen Aegyptos View Post
    Thanks for getting back to me Ludens! I look forward to interacting in this forum.
    Welcome here! Unfortunately, nearly all EB1 activity moved to the EB1 TWC forum. If you wish to discuss EB1, you're probably better of heading there.

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