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Thread: Fight with daiymo or general?

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    Default Fight with daiymo or general?

    I am new to the entire total war series. should i always fight with my daiymo so he gets experienced and skills up or should i fight some battles with other generals to give them experience?

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    Your leader types only gain experience by actually killing soldiers. So whether a leader, daimyo or not, is merely present in battle won't win them any laurels. However, the leaders are not tanks in this game. I dismount them for protection and position them in good defensive terrain. Each can inspire one other unit to fight better and all units get a morale boost from proximity to a leader. So I use them with deliberation and have the inspired units make the decisive difference. After the battle is won, use the leaders as cavalry to run down routers and thus gain experience. Good luck!

    Found this:
    Page 78 deals with the General's bodyguard unit.
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    Default Re: Fight with daiymo or general?

    Fighting with the daimyo gives an extra boost, and honestly if you manage to level him up, this will also reflect on his overall abilities but also on the faction.

    Use him sparingly but he is a bit of a tank. Just don't overcharge.
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