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    Much of the international cryptographic substrate since WW2 has been delivered by a private company out of Switzerland. Turns out the CIA and (German) BND owned it and maintained backdoors in the technology the whole time.

    “It was the intelligence coup of the century,” the CIA report concluded. “Foreign governments were paying good money to the US and West Germany for the privilege of having their most secret communications read by at least two (and possibly as many as five or six) foreign countries.”
    The Israeli Likud government inadvertently uploaded the country's entire voter rolls to a public-facing database, after doing the same thing months earlier with only a couple million people's information.

    The Likud has uploaded the full register of Israeli voters to an application, causing the leak of personal data on 6,453,254 citizens. The information includes the full names, identity card numbers, addresses and gender of every single eligible voter in Israel, as well as the phone numbers and other personal details of some of them.

    Israeli political parties receive personal details of voters before the elections and commit to protecting their privacy, as well as not to reproduce the registry, not to provide it to a third party, and to permanently erase all the information once the election is over.

    The voter registry was uploaded by Likud to the Elector app, which is used by the party to manage Election Day.
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    The first item, for the record, is how you grab countries by the balls, not by funding extra armored divisions.


    Although it also entails that the US natsec apparatus, throughout the Cold War and beyond, knew almost all the bad shit, crimes, atrocities, and abuses being carried out by friend and foe alike - but chose to keep quiet about or even enable those abuses.
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    Default Re: Let's talk about tech

    Likud is pretty freaking terrible. The sooner that party crashes and burns at the altar of Bibi the better.
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    On Crypto and CIA, to spur discussion here's a representation of the spread of American infiltration:

    (The map below represents about half of the countries affected)

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    History repeats the old conceits
    The glib replies, the same defeats

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    Default Re: Let's talk about tech

    Surely that is exactly what the CIA should be doing - undertaking SIGINT?

    Acting on information you shouldn't know will destroy the source - and the CIA is there to provide the USA (and hopefully allies) with intelligence, not act as the World's Morality Police.

    The off the books army and airforce the CIA ran in Laos is far worse. This is a solid win.

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