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Thread: Need some help with the Saka

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    Question Need some help with the Saka

    Hi all,

    recently I started an campaign as the Saka. It went very wel until the rebellion event?
    I don't know what to do to get the unrest in my cities down.

    Could somebody please help me?

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    Default Re: Need some help with the Saka

    It recedes at the rate of 5% a turn.
    It began on seven hills - an EB 1.1 Romani AAR with historical house-rules (now ceased)
    Heirs to Lysimachos - an EB 1.1 Epeiros-as-Pergamon AAR with semi-historical houserules (now ceased)
    Philetairos' Gift - a second EB 1.1 Epeiros-as-Pergamon AAR


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