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Thread: Good laptop for playing old games (especially MTW)?

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    Default Good laptop for playing old games (especially MTW)?

    I would like to invest in a cheap old laptop that can play the old classics like MTW. I plan on getting one with XP, which I guess is OK?

    The main issues I have had with MTW in the past is graphics card incompatability. So a bit of advice in that regard would be helpful.

    I was wondering in particular if anybody here had a laptop/OS combination that successfully runs this game...

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    Default Re: Good laptop for playing old games (especially MTW)?

    Your best bet is a laptop with Windows 8. Windows 10 still has issues with compatibility and can crash MTW but find a cheap, new laptop with Windows 8 that has decent specs and you're sorte dout.
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    Default Re: Good laptop for playing old games (especially MTW)?

    Which brand of MTW are you running? The Steam version seems to have alleviated the video card issues.
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    Default Re: Good laptop for playing old games (especially MTW)?

    The only laptop I ever ran MTW on was a Toshiba Satellite 1110 (XP SP2), of 2003 vintage. Recently I discovered I could restore my desktop to MTW functionality as I found a Chinese clone of the old GeForce FX5500 (again on XP) on a well-known online merchant. Took some adjusting of resolution settings and the right choice of driver (v7.1.8.9 iirc, but not 100% sure) but it now seems to run fine. I had thought I was done for after my last GeForce died.....

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