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    Question MIITW Machine

    Just as the title says I plan on building a computer expressly for playing this game.
    So...I'm here to ask your help in its design.
    Please be aware that I am located in a rural area.
    My internet is serviced by a satellite company, which means no "Steam".
    For an os I have Windows XP-Pro 64bit, and Win 98 which I can upgrade to Win-XP 32 bit.
    If this build will also run earlier games like Medieval Total War Viking invasion or Rome Total War That would be great.
    I plan on getting the hardware from the usual online retailers.
    I do hope that you will give me your thoughts on what will work well.


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    This is gonna be quite interesting - because we're building a rig for... old times? Fun challenge!

    So you're looking best at Windows XP Pro, but I would suggest 32-BIT rather than 64 because it will run MTW more stable. Video card should be no more than 512MB but you should have I think about 2 GB of RAM and at most a Dual Core processor built 2006-2007 latest.

    Is there any way you can upgrade your internet?
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    Default Re: MIITW Machine

    Thanks Edy Z.
    Good information.
    Agreed, regarding the operating system.
    I do plan on installing MTW,so Windows 32bit it is.
    Also the duel core processor.
    As far as my internet, yes. I did try buying more bandwidth from the satellite company, but still couldn't get "Steam" to install.
    Between Windows security protocol and slow internet, its been a few years that I could play my favorite games.
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    Just want to bring you up to date on this project.
    I have on order a core2 duo cpu and Asus motherboard.
    Looking at ordering a vid card.
    Some of the vid cards have ddr3 ram, and some have ddr2.
    Are the ones with ddr 3 to be avoided same as on board ram ?


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