Hi, all! New here and back into TW after a decade away!

After playing a few turns of M2TW I was instantly annoyed at the '2 years per turn' decision. Harold Hardrada went from Stamford Bridge to Hastings -with a stop off in London- in about 16 days. In this game my army takes 6 years to cover the same distance. Now, I'm not a stickler for ultra-realism but this was a bit too much and so I found out how to turn change the turn rate to 0.5...or '2 turns per year'. It's ideal as my generals age properly now.

The downside is that buldings are built 4 times faster and I'm building fortresses and spamming armies with armoured sergeants by 1120. The early game only lasts 20 years and so I'd like it rebalanced a bit so I'm not landing on the moon before 1200 or something

I've done a bit of searching before bothering you all with this but find the info scattered all over and a little contradictory. Some say you can't change the building times some say you can. Some say you can slow down the population growth with a mod but I can't find it. Anyone got any direct instructions or help?

Another option would be installing SS. Can I play that easily at 2 turns per year? I understand the building times are longer on that mod.

Thanks in advance