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Thread: a mod recreating Medieval 1 with M2TW engine graphics, diplomacy, terrain etc.

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    Default a mod recreating Medieval 1 with M2TW engine graphics, diplomacy, terrain etc.

    Hello I'd want to make a new mod for MTW2 with basically original MTW style map and gameplay conversion with MTW2 3D map engine but with MTW1 map with a similar risk type system and similar gameplay and atmosphere, but with M2TW diplomacy, economy, combat, battles, family tree, population and all MTW2 good features with MTW2 graphics and engine... It's my DREAM mod... I know it's a big and hard project but I want to start out with it and maybe I whish if someone can help me with this project? I am a huge MTW and MTW2 fun and I would like to make a total conversion but keeping similar as possible MTW with improvement M2TW made (include terrain dynamic)

    Of course I will put more factions and units too, new buildings, graphics, agents and much more but the most important goal is to use MTW2 to recreate MTW with new engine and newer gameplay mechanics and options

    I call it Medieval Total War classic Total Conversion mod

    I would be very happy is someone could help me or if someone is interested give me some advices or help I'm reading the guides how to mod MTW2 so I can start learn

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    Default Re: a mod recreating Medieval 1 with M2TW engine graphics, diplomacy, terrain etc.

    Hey Nikola,

    In essence, M2TW is quite of an old platform and while it's a good idea to start with something tried and tested, the game is about 15 years old and I think it's not ideal.

    You can look at for example the Attila TW mod Medieval 1212 which is fabulous and start from there - having the Warscape engine, a newer version, can help you out on this.
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    Default Re: a mod recreating Medieval 1 with M2TW engine graphics, diplomacy, terrain etc.

    I have a better idea my MTW hardcore comrade :) Listen it in that way... what you think if we could organize a developer team and create an entire new engine based with the MTW engine risk style system and remake unofficialy MTW keeping same game but adding new modern graphics in battle and siege and diplomacy? Re-create MTW but with our OWN engine identical to the MTW engine code (but with own algoritms and everything= with a almost identical game but with modern options and graphics to not have copyright conflict with CA or sega? Make a fan MTW game with a similar but engine created together as devs?

    Another option is to make a developer team or a mod team create a mod of MTW2 or newer games or maybe the MTW1 remake on attila engine as you suggested but only as a mod and gain money from it on pathreon or kickstarter... when we earn lot of money with that money BUY the MTW and STW source code from CA/ Sega (depending with of the two own MTW engine) legally so if we pay for it they could accept to sell it so with the rights we then remake the game removing hardcodding, new AI, new graphics, diplomac, sieges etc. and give to CA and SEGA a good 50% of profits by sales of the same MTW remake??? They would gain a lot of money by a lot of old fans and veterans and with that money they would only have profit from an abbandonware game engine? Do it would work? Buying should be reasonable?

    Which option do you think could work more or likely more to happen?

    In that case make an unofficial similar engine with own algoritms and code and making a identical game to MTW with remake new graphics, diplomacy etc. but with own engine very similar to MTW (The game will be the same risk style map identical but with a our different engine of own creation, or just buy MTW source code legally from sega or CA and give them profits of the remake when it will happen?
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    Default Re: a mod recreating Medieval 1 with M2TW engine graphics, diplomacy, terrain etc.

    Third option: If no one of these options wouldn't work last option in worst case scenario would be make a mod remake of MTW using Attila Total War engine... but my question is it's possible to transform in to a risk style map game system and movement as MTW but only with upgraded graphics and modern Attila graphics and battle mechanics?

    I will never give up from that, my dream is modern day MTW... I will not give hands up because I want it, and I will do it before or after, hard or easy, when doesn't matter, in every way, but I WILL DO IT I promise :) So in worst scenario an Attila risk style MTW mod with some programming skill to tweak it (in worst case if other option don't succed) What you think edyz? Could we do something?
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