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Thread: Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality

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    Default Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality

    Itch bundle with 1,427 items/games at a minimum price of $5. Lasts 6 more days.

    Features some Steam games (but not keys), including Night in the Woods, Minit, Airships: Conquer the Skies, Dreaming Sarah, Nuclear Throne, and Oneshot. The bundle looks to be mostly adventure and platformer games in fact.

    Hey, it's guaranteed to be better than the "99-in-One" games compilations from 20 years ago, which also used to cost around $5 coincidentally. At this ratio I can't resist.
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    Default Re: Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality

    I remember those game compilations, wow, what a throwback. I totally forgot those even existed.

    Usually they were offered here along with gaming magazines, used to love those as well.
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