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Thread: New Campaign - looking for someone to make one

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    Default New Campaign - looking for someone to make one


    I'm looking for someone to create a mod (based around 340BC just before the Battle of Chaeronea or 280BC at the start of the Pyrrhic War).

    I know there are mods out there set around this time and of course RTW2 but I don't find RTW2 particularly enjoyable to play and other mods seem to have changed a tonne. I just want to play in a similar style of game just with a slightly different map and some slightly different factions.

    Basically my vision was to have a campaign map similar to that of the Sons of Mars prologue from RTW. I like the aesthetic of the map and how it looks closer in. But I want it to cover a great area stretching from Carthage in the West to either the Eastern boundary already set in place in RTW or a little further into Asia (as seen in RTW: Alexander).

    I don't need any major changes beyond the map. If it is to be set during 340BC I'd want the units from RTW:alexander added to the game but beyond that i'm ok with the general factions. Although some may need to be changed for instance if it is 340BC then the Seleucids can become Epirus or Sparta. Likewise I wouldn't mind having the Lambda flag banners etc given to Sparta.

    The factions, depending on the era of course, would be:
    Macedon, Greek Cities, Sparta, Epirus, Roman Republic, Carthage, Persian Empire/Achaemenid Empire and then maybe some other factions including Pontus, Thrace, and maybe some rebel factions like the Samnites.

    I've tried previously to play around with things with some success in some aspects but this has proven way too difficult for myself so I'm looking for someone who would be interested in doing it for me. I'm literally willing to pay someone at this point. Anyone interested let me know.
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