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    Default Playing The Rebels

    The Rebel faction is playable by amending the desc_strat file.

    There does not seem to be a goal for the rebel faction in the Imperial Campaign.

    The Good News

    • You start off with 30 provinces
    • You gain random troops all over the map
    • You don't need worry about cities revolting
    • You get a full 'tech tree' for each faction type you defeat.
    • You immediately have a lot to do each turn as you are at war with everyone.
    • Everyone fights against you - so they don't expand rapdily

    The Bad News

    • Most of the rebel cities are disgustingly poor
    • Recruitment is often not possible in Cities - especially barbarian ones.
    • Whilst you get general cavalry, you only rarely get a general that can recruit mercenaries
    • If your forces decline battle or are defeated then they are destroyed.
    • You will lose a lot more battles - at least they are minor ones.
    • You will lose a lot of settlements at first - the trick is to work out which ones are worth saving.
    • Upgrading military buildings doesn't generate the capacity to recruit better units.
    • I hope you are good at fighting with Militia Hoplites and desert spearmen. The ability to recruit other forces cannot be guaranteed. (But See Below)

    Starting point

    The initial capital is 'Tara' in Hibernia - that's Ireland to you modern-day players and the first thing to do is to move it into the centre of the map to minimise corruption. Athens is an obvious starting point with income from Byzantium, Kydonia and Helicarnassus. Messilia on the Mediterranean coast is defensible (and Greek) but otherwise your main object will be to try and merge decent rebel units together and head for the Mediterranean. I would abandon the Germanic setlements altogether - or try and merge all forces into a single unit.

    Game progression

    There is no real strategy that can be adopted with regards to the cities you take. That will depend to some extent on the number and type of rebel forces that are spawned. The overall strategy I used was the Greek Campaign (most forces are Greek).

    Time is against you - as cities develop they can generate better troops to fight you whilst you are limited to level one units, except in a few locations.

    Your Navy

    You will receive random boosts of, typically, 3 large boats. Unfortunately these cannot be retrained, but you will be able to recruit biremes, triremes and quiquiremes once you have ports, shipwrights and docks constructed. You can't train any units in barbarian ports. Be careful moving armies by fleet until you have total naval superiority since any close defeat - and bang goes your ships - and the army being transported. In any war area I tend to beach the ship and disenbark each turn.

    Amazonian Chariots

    You start off with 5 in Themiskyra but unfortunately they cannot be recruited, even though building a blacksmith notionally gives you the option to do so. As with all chariots, you should autoresolve battles with them.

    Egyptian Chariots

    Can be recruited from the 'Big Three' Nile Cities with a blacksmith. At least you can transport them on a ship without worrying about hitting pirates. Other Egyptian cities may do so as well. I think that the first rebel general that enters a city sets the culture/ development.


    Go to Spain! At least in my game where you can recruit round and long-shield cavalry. Also it seems the full Spanish roster is available. You can recruit Greek Cavalry in some Cities. Cordoba is obviously a key target. In the East, horse archers are available (as a level 1 cavalry).


    Depending on the city your basic infantry will either be militia hoplites or Eastern Spearmen. You can recruit Hoplites in some cities, but on occasion I have had the ability and lost it.


    At the start of the game Barbarian Generals were spawned without the ability to recruit mercenaries. However once I had taken over Pontus I started getting Family Generals that could. One would arrive nearly every turn, presumably because the AI wants to create as many Generals as provinces held . . .

    There is no family tree - so you don't have prospective marriages from the distaff side. Maybe sex-starved generals fight better . . .

    Handling Cities

    No need to keep any troops in them for law and order purposes since they can't rebel. Makes holding Tarsus, Corduba and Jerusalem and Themiskyra a LOT easier. It also saves money on peasants. I would keep one unit in each one, however, so that when besieged they last a couple of turns more. (And it is amazing what Militia Hoplites can do in front of a gate or wall that is to be breached). With regards to tax rate - do whatever you want - put taxes on very high (with very few exceptions) since there is limited military advantage in having a highly developed city - you gain the Armourer and presumably the foundry.

    Diplomacy etc

    Diplomats, spies and assassins are available at the appropriate level of trade outposts. Spies and assassins work the usual way.

    New rebel forces

    Keep a lookout for them - they may spawn close to a town which is poorly defended and you can capture. You can get up to 6 troops, including cavalry generals (who can't recruit), but are weighted towards peasants and warbands (in barbarian areas)/ level 1 infantry, with naked fanatics less likely.

    Development Comparison

    Your own status (Military strength/ Financial/ production/ territories held/ overall) does not appear - only the relative strengths of the other factions.
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    Default Re: Playing The Rebels

    Hi weejonnie,

    Thanks a lot for the detailed overview! It's quite fascinating because I remember not being able to play as the Rebels, and yet, here we are.

    Do you have any screenshots by any chance?
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    Default Re: Playing The Rebels

    This is 250BC and shows the roster at Memphis

    Corduba - showing Loing Shield cavalry and Iberian Infantry

    Force about to take Arretium - note the large number of Generals - these came from defeating Rome when the 'large army' sent to fight didn't include many of them.

    THis is what happens when you don't win (Arriminium) - look at the left hand side. This was done on autoresolve.

    The invasion of Britain. becasue a Roman rebel general took Samarobriva biremes could be constructed. Otherwise ships will have to be moved round Spain and France.

    One second from Victory

    The End of Campaign
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