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    Since this is the frontroom, and we have to be way more wholesome and family friendly than the Backroom Video Thread, so with that being said I'll get the ball rolling with a channel that I'm absolutely fascinated with.

    Channel is called SteveMRE1989 and our resident channel host is eating MRE's (Meal Ready to Eat), which are the standard rations of armies all around the world. While eating random MRE's from armies is not necessarily of great interest for many people, the way of his presenting and the random MRE's from 50+ years back are absolutely fascinating to watch. He ate hardtack (biscuits) from the Civil War and canned beef from 1899 so he's definitely something special.

    Very popular on YouTube as well.

    Share away your favourite family friendly vids!

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    I've been really into artisan videos lately. Very soothing:

    On the Path to the Streets of Gold: a Suebi AAR
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