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Thread: M2TW Veteran Mods (possible issue to help process_rq)!

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    Default M2TW Veteran Mods (possible issue to help process_rq)!

    Hello all,

    My name is Jaime, gamer name: Blackstorm87. 34 yrs old, former Marine, now full time salaried employee who loves gaming.

    M2TW has been out for some time and I've been playing the game since it's release. After Version 1.4, the process_rq command stopped working. Recently, I found myself playing the game again and tried the cheat with no success. I did however find an interesting development. When I enter [character_reset "Character Name] (<- Notice the missing closing quote) it works perfectly fine. When I try it with ALL other commands it does not work without the closing quote.

    Could anyone help to point me where is the code for the M2TW console? I want to try and find the extra quotation mark (or missing one) to see if it fixes this issue.

    Let me know what you all think about this, and if someone does fix "process_rq" can you provide the steps on how it was done?


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