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Thread: Laptop SSDs

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    Default Laptop SSDs


    Need your help & tech opinions. I have an ASUS FX503VD and I want to upgrade from the rather horrible SSHD it currently has to a full on top class SSD. Found one from Kingston with a 1TB SSD, perfect for what I need.

    However I'm confused about the dimensions. I mean, this is a normal laptop, I guess the sizes of HDDs / SSDs are standardised correct? Can someone explain to me what does an M2 SSD mean and how do I pick the right dimension?

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    From the product details for that laptop you don't have a Hybrid drive you just have a SSD and a HDD, unless you customized it yourself. As far as standardized I would assume so, laptop drives are generally smaller for obvious reasons. M.2 is basically just the type of connection or slot where it connects to the motherboard. You can look up whatever SSD you have to get the dimensions or it would probably be easier to look up if it's compatible with your laptop, there are websites that you can look such things up. Xiahou or someone else might be able to help you more on that front.
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