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Thread: Shogun heirs troop system in MTW?

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    Default Shogun heirs troop system in MTW?

    Really like Shogun system, i think it's far more natural and balanced (for MTW too). So, answer is - is there a way to run this system in MTW? i tried many options in stratpos, but did not achieve anything.
    All i found is
    1) Pope not heirs, just one king squad.
    2) Rebels have no king

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    Default Re: Shogun heirs troop system in MTW?

    Nothing to be done. In MTW 'royals' always come with their respective bodyguard unit, so they won't ever do the shoggy thing of giving you a prince in a bunch of peasants/ashigaru. The most leeway you can get is being creative with what units you make into bodyguards for each faction, but even so all princes/kings for that faction will be in that unit type.

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    Default Re: Shogun heirs troop system in MTW?

    macsen rufus, peasanth/ashi is not a disadvantage STW system, this is an advantage. Because the power of princes reflects the power of their principalities. If player hires peasants/ashi - it's his choice. For MTW AI can be customized for better troops. And these troops will be worth their money, no matter what they are.
    But no matter how I set up MTW bodyguards, it wont fix this system. It's just brearks economic and battle balance, especially for small principalities.
    Anyway, thanks for answer and clarification.
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