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    Default Warhammer 3 - Total War

    Warhammer 3 TW has been announced!

    With a release date of 2021 towards the end, released on both Steam and Epic at launch.

    • Steam DB showing WH3 TW

    • Steam page - Pre-Order from here!

    • FAQ


    Platforms & Storefronts

    Which platforms will Total War: WARHAMMER III be available on?

    Total War: WARHAMMER III will be available on PC, and will also be available as close to launch day as possible on macOS and Linux thanks to our friends at Feral Interactive – we’ll be confirming exactly when closer to release day.
    Which stores will Total War: WARHAMMER III be available through?

    You can pick up your copy of Total War: WARHAMMER III on Steam and the Epic Games Store. You can also purchase your Steam or Epic Games Store key directly from Creative Assembly here – the only difference is that more of the price you pay will go directly to the studio.
    Other digital storefronts are also available – please check SEGA’s list of approved partners here.
    Physical copies of Total War: WARHAMMER III will also be available in most territories – please check with your preferred local game stockist.
    Are there any plans for any Total War: WARHAMMER III content to be exclusive to a particular store?

    No, all Total War: WARHAMMER III content will be released simultaneously on all storefronts.
    Will Total War: WARHAMMER and Total War: WARHAMMER II be available on the Epic Games Store in the future?

    Yes, we hope to add these games – and their DLC – to the Epic Games Store before Total War: WARHAMMER III launches.
    Can I purchase DLC for Total War: WARHAMMER games I own on one store on another (and vice versa)?

    Currently it’s not possible to track the different Total War: WARHAMMER content you own across different storefronts. So, for example, if you buy Total War: WARHAMMER on the Epic Games Store, you will also need to buy the DLC on the Epic Games Store in order to use it.
    The same applies for claiming the free Mortal Empires DLC – you would need to own both Total War: WARHAMMER and Total War: WARHAMMER II on the same store in order to claim it.
    However, we hope to introduce this functionality through Total War Access in the future, which would enable you to link your Steam and Epic Games Store accounts through Total War Access in order to be able to play and purchase games and DLC on any storefront you wish.
    We cannot guarantee this functionality at any point currently, but will continue to work towards it in cooperation with the storefront operators.
    Will Total War: WARHAMMER III be available on macOS and Linux?

    Yes, macOS and Linux versions will be available on Steam, developed and published by Feral Interactive.
    Will Total War: WARHAMMER III have Steam and Epic Games Store cross-store multiplayer?

    Yes, we intend to support cross-store multiplayer at launch.
    Early Adopter Bonus

    Total War: WARHAMMER III is available for pre order now but I don’t see any mention of a pre-order incentive or Early Adopter bonus – is there one?

    Yes – we will be revealing our Early Adopter bonus in the coming months. Regardless of when you pre order – either right now or closer to release – you will still get the same bonus.
    As with our previous Early Adopter bonuses, it will also be gifted to anyone who pre orders or buys the game in the first week after release, so you will still be able to claim the Early Adopter bonus for free up to a week after the game has launched.
    We’ll be sharing more about exactly what the Early Adopter is in a few months, so if you want to wait until you know more before placing your pre order – or even until the game launches – it’s of course completely up to you.
    What is the Early Adopter bonus content?

    We currently planning to have Race Pack as the Early Adopter bonus for Total War: WARHAMMER III – stay tuned for all the latest details about this as soon as we can reveal them!
    Will Total War: WARHAMMER III reviews land before the game is released?

    Yes – as with all recent Total War titles, our review embargo will drop before launch, allowing you time to decide whether to pre order and get the Early Adopter bonus if you’d like.

    Is Total War: WARHAMMER III going to be set during the End Times and feature stuff from Age of Sigmar?

    No, as with Total War: WARHAMMER and Total War: WARHAMMER II, Total War: WARHAMMER III is set around the reign of Karl Franz. Our primary source is Warhammer Fantasy Battles 8th Edition, although we have and will continue to use older editions for inspiration where appropriate.
    What races will be available in Total War: WARHAMMER III at launch?

    We are excited to be able to confirm that Total War: WARHAMMER III contains a wider selection of individual races than any previous Total War: WARHAMMER core title.
    Deep within the realms of Chaos the four Ruinous Powers of Nurgle, Slaanesh, Tzeentch, and Khorne prepare for war and two mighty kingdoms stand sentinel: the stern warriors of Kislev and the vast empire of Grand Cathay.
    We can’t wait to start introducing you to the nine playable Legendary Lords that will lead these races into battle!
    Is all this new Kislev and Cathay content for Total War: WARHAMMER III legit?

    Yes! Games Workshop has expanded and created these factions, and partnered with us. You can find out all about it from them on Warhammer Community here including some great interviews.
    Will there be a combined map for owners of all three games?

    Yes, though currently our focus is on Total War: WARHAMMER III.
    We will release a massive combined map that will be a huge free DLC for owners of all three games, and we’ll have more detail later.
    Note that you will need to own all three parts of the trilogy through a single store front in order to claim this free DLC. Please see above for details.

    Will you be continuing to support Total War: WARHAMMER II after the launch of Total War: WARHAMMER III?
    As you might expect, our focus will shift towards supporting Total War: WARHAMMER III following its launch.
    However, before then there will be a further DLC for Total War: WARHAMMER II which we will be releasing later this year.


    Will Total War: WARHAMMER III have multiplayer support at launch?
    Yes – we’ll have more details about this to share as we get closer to launch.

    Will Total War: WARHAMMER III support mods at launch?
    Yes, and we’ll have more details about this closer to launch.
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    Been to:

    Swords Made of Letters - 1938. The war is looming in France - and Alexandre Reythier does not have much time left to protect his country. A novel set before the war.

    A Painted Shield of Honour - 1313. Templar Knights in France are in grave danger. Can they be saved?

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    Default Re: Warhammer 3 - Total War

    The Tzarina looks gorgerous and magnificent. Cool Slavic queen.
    I was affraid they will make her look like american mixed girl with no identity, like Blizzard did with Kerrigan in SC2 and companies do with their games after 2010. Fortunatelly Creative Assembly does handle like always.

    I hope Empire will be absent in WH3 campaign. They are boring and annoying being Gary Stu of the universe.

    If they're introducing Kislev and Cathay, I am almost sure they will introduce Chaos Dwarves and Ogre Kingdoms too. Nippon and Kingdom of Ind in DLCs I guess.
    What about Chaos factions? I'm counting on Hungs. Kurgans/Tongs? Maybe as new units/regiments of renown for standard Warriors of Chaos, but maybe I will be positively suprised.

    Anyway it's gonna be the best part of the series.

    ps. I feel pity for Araby it was skipped. It should be introduced in WH2. I doubt it will appear in WH3. Estalia and Tilea had potential for WH2 too. Albion should take its part in WH1. Very sorry.


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