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    Default A real old member

    I have been a member for years, but as I always wind up using the wrong password because they are auto-generated, I have to sweat blood to log in. Once again I had to make up a new screen name and password, merely to enter the forums.

    My main concern is that I am running MTW 1.1.0 on an old HP desktop running Win XP. Once that desktop is kaput, I have a backup which is not so tweaked, and may or may not run MTW 1.1.0. I have to figure out how to run it on my newer 64 bit series 6 laptop and possibly also my wife's Win10 all-in-one which is quite new.

    Anyway, I remember someone posted a graphics fix in order to run it on such machines, so I am back! I will now download from the "Tools," but I vaguely remember trying this once before and becoming flummoxed; or maybe became afraid that I would irrevocably change something important in my laptop. Putting my trepidations aside, I am going for it!

    Hi again old pals, you may remember I was the guy who posted the solution to the blow-out of all the authentication coded games by the Windows update a few years back. YES! It was me! I saved a lot of you a ton of grief. How easy they forget.....

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    Default Re: A real old member

    Hi @MarshaldeSaxe,

    ;-) same to me - I tried to get my old Password but the Forum even forgot my e-mail address since they changed the forum software...
    I have a different approach for playing: I keep an olde PIII-900 on a BX Board to play those good old games ;-) that works perfect with a GF4 and 512MB RAM ;-)
    This way, I can copy the original installation with different names and tinker away inside the game or add Mods to my pleasure ;-)

    Greetings, and keep playing, duncan1

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    Default Running MTW on newer pc


    Thanks for the response. I have an issue with a graphics fix posted in the "Tools" section of this webpage for MTW. It supposedly fixes graphics problems for the "resolution," and is a directdraw.... file. I downloaded the file and put in it the MTW directory after installing the game on my newer Acer series 6 64 bit Win 7 laptop. I set the compatibility to Win XP SP3.

    Here is what happened when I ran the game:
    1. No request for the authentication code, which I found very odd.
    2. The videos for the start of the game were perfect, and so was the Menu Screen.
    3. I chose my options in the various categories of the Menu Screen, and chose Italy for faction and Easy.
    4. When I finished choosing the faction and clicked to start the game, the Menu Screen popped up again and it had shading anomalies and my mouse pointer spreading about 20 times across the bottom of the screen. The display was wavering a bit, (just like when I play Shogun Total War Warload Edition on this Win 7 laptop. BTW, when I play Shogun on the Win 7, it will not respond to my mouse, I have to use the arrown keys, which is a bitch when deploying for battle.

    Do you have any idea what I could do to get MTW 1.1 to run on my laptop? Geez, the front end of the game ran beautifully, but then....

    Thanks for any ideas you may suggest.

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    Default Re: Running MTW on newer pc

    Hi @MarshaldeSaxe,

    sorry, no help from me there - I stuck all those years to my old BH6 to play. If you don't mind to ask there: Axalon from the Redux department ;-) is a genius adapting the game to new hardware - he for sure has some ideas how to get it done.

    After encountering years ago serious problems with my first XP M:TW-VI installation I never tried again......

    Good to read, that there are still people out there playing this gem - never found another game which took my attention as much as M:TW and it's Mods ;-)

    Greetings, and keep playing ;-) daigaku

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    Default Re: Running MTW on newer pc

    @drone may have some ideas, but it seems like there are a lot of possible causes. From video cards to DirectX version etc. I couldn't really find any useful fixes, it seems like daigaku said, people have had success using the MTW-Redux mod and not had as many issues from the limited amount I read. I have no idea where you can find it though...

    Sorry I couldn't be of more help
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    I wonder if I can make Csargo cry harder by doing everyone but his ISO.

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    Default Re: Running MTW on newer pc

    Csargo, I know this will sound really dumb to so many of you, but I have no idea what a MOD is, nor would I know how and where to install one.

    I would love to play a MTW mod which is designed to work on a newer pc, but even if I downloaded one, I wouldn't know what to do with the file.

    If anyone cares to enlighten me, it would be greatly appreciated.

    To my mind, MTW 1.1 is still a marvelous engrossing game, and I like it even better than Shogun, Rome TW and Medieval TW II; though I do like MTW Britannia in the kingdoms expansion pack. The only other game which holds my interest as much is Patrician III. Patrician IV requires learning a new user interface, which frankly has me baffled because it requires too much time to learn.

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    Default Re: A real old member

    A mod is a modification of a game - and there are plenty of goods mods to use in MTW.

    I would suggest XL Mod and BKB Mod to start with, both amazing works.

    XL Mod -

    BKB Super Mod -

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