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Thread: Rome TW - Remastered

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    Default Re: Rome TW - Remastered

    So with regards to the limits, it's a matter of the engine limits, which has to be recompiled and reworked to make it feasible. It depends if Feral now will do all of the effort to raise it as high as possible.

    255 is the region limit I think, maybe we can have 350-400?

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    Default Re: Rome TW - Remastered

    IMO if the sales are that bad they should concentrate what will presumably be limited support on stuff like pathfinding that should be a bit smaller tasks & there are known code improvements from later games they could backport.
    Also on tools to assist modders with porting from original version.
    maybe those guys should be doing something more useful...

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    Default Re: Rome TW - Remastered

    Yeah I think priority #1 and 2 should be the pathfinding and modding support. The remaster wont survive without those two things sadly.
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