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    So apparently this is the new hottest game in town - it reminds me a bit of the PUBG craze from 2017 when everyone left right center was playing PUBG. Valheim is an RPG, well, sort of - it's a Viking survival game, and for a lot of people it's the Viking Mount & Blade of sorts as well.

    5 million sales.

    Valheim, by comparison, is slow and methodical. It’s part of an established genre of survival games where you scavenge and harvest, chop and dig, hunt and skin, then build better tools to do it all more efficiently over and over again. Only here, you’re also a badass Viking who can (eventually) build fortresses and ships, you’re hunting down gods for sport, and you’re exploring a gobsmackingly gigantic map filled with idyllic scenery, charming music, a touch of lived-in mystery, and some enemies that stomp me convincingly enough that I get a slight Dark Souls vibe out of it. Oh, and when you cut down trees, they fall and hit other things (like you) for massive damage! That’s never going to get old.
    Who's playing it?

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    Its been on my radar since it first blew up, it really does look good! I will likely wait a bit longer to allow for the devs to keep working on it. Ive gotten burned by early access before (I still havent touched Mount & Blade Bannerlord since it first came out) but I definitely have high hopes for this.
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