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Thread: Changing the whole style of a faction during campaign

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    Default Changing the whole style of a faction during campaign

    Hello everyone.

    Epistolary Richard perfectly explained the mechanics behind the transformation of Denmark into Kalmar Union once and it probably explains how Eriador changes to Arnor...

    but is it necessary to create a complete faction, which then becomes another?

    For example if I would reach the faction limit of 31, but had still planned the option, that a few ot them can change their coat of arms, names (no new units) etc. trough campaign events.

    So I have to abandon a few starting-factions to allow "space" for optional-changing-factions or is there any other possibility?

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    Default Re: Changing the whole style of a faction during campaign

    Hi Javrimir,

    If I remember correctly about this, based on RTW modding mechanics which also link to M2TW, you would not need to create a new faction. However my suggestion would be to do a test first, because of the various engine limitations, which might result in errors.
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