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Thread: Almohad AI

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    Just an observation: it appears the AI is not taking advantage of its faction's best units... Example: I have seen Almohad AI attempting conquest of Europe with practically no AUM's (I'm not speaking about the AI ignoring the fact that Granada produces AUM's with +1 valor). The result is rather predictable - the Spaniards are at the gates of Kairo within a couple decades in most SP games I see.

    Similarly, I rarely see the AI Danish building vikings or the AI English building billmen and longbowmen (the latter, if I am not mistaken, formed up to 2/3 of the English medieval armies).

    It seems like a simple tweak to adjust AI's behavior to fully exploit its faction's advantages (i.e., hard-code increased AI faction's appetite for its unique units). Maybe a suggestion for the Viking expansion?
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    well in my campaigns the almohands dont seem to have a problem to kick the spanish out of extinction almost every time.
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    In the games I have played it seems to go back and forth if the spanish take over the almos or the other way. When the almos do kick the spanish out of spain they do use plenty of AUMs. So I think it is random what happens. Also I have seen the danes use plenty of vikings, sometimes maybe too much. Once they took over a lot of the HRE using primarily viking armies. I think it all works out, just the good provinces in spain and north africa being so close, the domination of one over the other almost always seems to happen.
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