In the years since EB2 has been around, there have been many a campaign guide posted in the fora detailing how a campaign should be approached, but with most only mentioning key units and their roles in passing, I want to change that. A poll will be posted with choices for which unit will have the honor of having the first of many in-depth unit analyses done for them. To start, which unit type would you like me to focus on? Is it the good, old infantry, the swift agile skirmisher or archer, or perhaps the all-mighty shock cavalry, whose charges scatters all before them?

The analyses will be laid out roughly as follows (Final order to be confirmed):

Tactical role and how well they do in that role.
Availability (plus Associated Government and Infrastructure requirements as well as time based and condition based reforms)
Cost effectiveness
How they perform compared to units with similar costs and roles
Final assessment

Hoping to get them out soon with your help.

A straw poll has been made available below so cast your vote! Voting closes on the 30th.