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    Post In-Depth Unit Analyses

    In the years since EB2 has been around, there have been many a campaign guide posted in the fora detailing how a campaign should be approached, but with most only mentioning key units and their roles in passing, I want to change that. A poll will be posted with choices for which unit will have the honor of having the first of many in-depth unit analyses done for them. To start, which unit type would you like me to focus on? Is it the good, old infantry, the swift agile skirmisher or archer, or perhaps the all-mighty shock cavalry, whose charges scatters all before them?

    The analyses will be laid out roughly as follows (Final order confirmed):
    • Unit Stats and Abilities at a glance
    • Tactical Assessment
    • Avaliability on the campaign map
    • Comparisons to similar units

    Voting results for the previous round:
    Units TWC Poll Straw Poll Total Votes
    Katoikoi Thraikes 5 1 6
    Hippeis Bosporitai 2 1 3
    Pantodapoi 1 2 3
    Halithoz 0 2 2
    Hippeis Baktrioi 1 1 2
    Parashim Maurim 1 0 1
    Basternai Draugai 0 1 1
    Ebess Toutas 1 0 1
    Brateres Coso 0 0 0
    Pondunes 0 0 0
    Fayah Safyalatin 0 0 0

    Voting for the unit to receive the inaugural In-Depth Unit Analysis has been completed and closed and the results are out!

    It appears that Katoikoi Thraikes have received the honor! But since this is they very first of its kind, I've decided to be nice and also give you the analyses of the runners up which are the Hippeis Bosporitai and the Pantodapoi.

    As these analyses have more proper layouts than most posts on this site, they are attached as PDFs for your viewing pleasure.

    Voting for the next unit:

    You will all now vote on the next unit that you want broken down and analyzed. This time, we will take a trip to the borders of Khorasan that separates the the Persian interior and take a look at the nomads that inhabit the plains to the north!

    You will have until the 6th of August to cast your vote!

    Straw Poll Link:

    Completed Analyses:

    Round 1 (30/7/2021):
    Katoikoi Thraikes Katakoi Thraikes.pdf
    Hippeis Bosporitai Hippeis Bosporitai.pdf
    Pantodapoi Pantodapoi.pdf

    Also avaliable on TWC:

    That's all for now!
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