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Thread: Evolution of Total War - 2000 / 2022

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    Default Evolution of Total War - 2000 / 2022

    A good overview & video, showcasing the evolution of TW up until 2022.

    That being said, there's something pretty important to be seen from the video - we haven't had a new historical TW title in a while. And while we're awaiting the team to come up with a new historical game, the problem we have is that we have not had a new game in almost 5 years. While some of us are not fans of Warhammer (me included), we have no choice but to go to other series or play the old games.

    Fortunately, there's a huge selection of mods... but it's been almost 5 years man.

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    Default Re: Evolution of Total War - 2000 / 2022

    Haha, we have come a long way!

    I still remember almost like if it was yesterday the feelings of battles and river choke points in Shogun Total War, with the Yari and Naginata Troops backed by Archers.

    But I had started to forget the visuals and watching this rekindled them :) Now while Shogun is very aged, I play Shogun 2 still and love it :) It really has Aged very well and it could have been released today and people would not say anything :)

    It harbors both the memories and feelings of Shogun in all its Graphical updated Glory and additional features!

    And I say the same for Rome 2, for me it is the one close to heart, which encompasses the fun of Rome in a new model and format and grandiose Campaigns.

    nice video thanks for posting!
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    Default Re: Evolution of Total War - 2000 / 2022

    The video looks good thanks to the person who made it.
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    Default Re: Evolution of Total War - 2000 / 2022

    It stores not only the upgraded graphics and functionality of Shogun, but also the emotions associated with the game. Very interesting!

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    Default Re: Evolution of Total War - 2000 / 2022

    The first time I saw the box cover of the original STW, I thought it was fake, false advertisement. I underestimated technology at that time. It took months to get me to give the game a try.


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