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Thread: Medieval 3 & Empire 2 Total War ideas discussion

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    Default Medieval 3 & Empire 2 Total War ideas discussion

    Hey all,

    I have recently had the urge for some Medieval Action and loaded up Medieval 2 TW and started a new Campaign (modded) made a small mod of for 2 days for my pleasure.

    And I was thinking how great it would be if we had Medieval 3 Total war, incorporating the latest tech and with the newer mudding tools (STEAM assembly Kits etc).

    In my "daydreaming" I envisioned a M3TW which would be set roughly at the same time as as M2TW but would span the entire Continent of Europe AND Asia.

    So that we could actually play as Mongols or other Asian Kingdoms and Empires during the same time, including Middle eastern Powers and of course the European Powers of the time.

    An enhanced experience to cater the "what if" scenarios we all strive for and imagine when playing TW games (at least I do).

    So the map could span from Iceland to Japan and Siberia to India and Malaysia including of course the Arabian peninsula and a portion of Africa from Mauritania to Somalia.

    That kind of Map covering some 600-800 years of history would truly be Epic I think for the next Medieval Title.

    Or even a new title "TOTAL WAR: Old World(s)"


    This of course could be followed up by EMPIRE 2 Total War, or "TOTAL WAR: New World(s)"

    Which would Add the Americas, and Indonesia, Philippines and Australia New Zealand and cover the next Chapter of History to the end of the 19th Century.

    I have been thinking about whether it should stop in Napoleonic Era or not, but I am of the Opinion that it should actually include the Napoleonic period from a Grand Campaign Perspective, where Napoleon could rise as a Character in it at the appropriate time if the Kingdom of France still exists etc etc.

    I did not like when EmpireTW did not advance to Napoleonic Times and I did not like how limited NapoleonTW was either. While I truly enjoy playing in both these periods.

    So this time around the title could span from the Musket & Pike Renaissance to the End of Napoleonic Times mid to end 19th Century. And actually have a DLC which could Cover various Napoleonic Campaigns in more detail with own localize Maps etc as an expansion to it rather than a separate title.

    BONUS Thoughts.

    I recently tried a Conversion Mod "The Great War" for NapolonTW. And I felt it kind of works well. So maybe another title for TW moving forward is also periods which were never covered by the official TW series such as the first WWI and WWII or even beyond could be possible and even as a continuation to the above ideas.

    In conclusion, I think TW series has matured to a point where it should attempt more Epic premise projects.

    I have tried the likes of Europa Universalis and Hearts of Iron and Imperator of the Competition (Paradox) and it just does not feel the same way, they all have Epic premises covering the world basically with their all encompassing maps but are so limited in many other aspects lacking the Tactical glory we all experience and love in TW games Simplistic in some titles (EUU), very rigid and inflexible in others (HOIIV). And completely irrelevant in others (imperator).

    Back to Total War, I hope more is on the works and I also hope it is presented in a semi-classic semi modern fashion. There are allot of things that I like about Three Kingdoms for instance (I have not had time to play Troy yet) but sometimes in 3K I do not always enjoy the story Driven approach to it (I think I prefer Records mode in the long run), I like the hands off Classic approach, "here is your starting conditions now go change history to your heart's content" classic Grand Campaign style :)

    Thoughts & feelings anyone?
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    Default Re: Medieval 3 & Empire 2 Total War ideas discussion

    Med 3 would get me back into TW. The biggest improvement in my mind would be the incorporation of campaign MP>

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    Default Re: Medieval 3 & Empire 2 Total War ideas discussion

    I think there will be more ideas from the TW series. I look forward to the latest updates.

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    Default Re: Medieval 3 & Empire 2 Total War ideas discussion

    Looks like their next one is the Bronze Age anyhow, Total War: Pharaoh. Interesting time period though seems to be going with their trend of legendary characters/arcade gameplay.

    Would love a reboot of MTW and RTW though with a bit more focus on realism and the governance dynamics. There are a few things Paradox games do really well on the strategy part of it which I would love to see blended with the tactical gameplay of the TW series.

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