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Thread: What is your mode preference in Three Kingdoms?

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    Default What is your mode preference in Three Kingdoms?

    Romance mode or Records mode?

    I think, like many I started out with Romance Mode, it was new and I was curious to experience it. Then I switched to Records mode and I found out that I prefer it to Romance Mode.

    While Romance can be spectacular and fun to in some ways I feel it takes away from the element which I most love in TW series game which is the actual battles on the battlefield following some Strategy planning and positioning on the strategic map.

    The battlefield for me is where it is all stands, a great big complex battle with equal forces or with a smaller number fighting a larger army, making use of the terrain formations regrouping shock attacks pressing on or holding back at key moments is where it all gets exciting. And so things like morale and fatigue are very important knowing a unit (friend or foe) is fatigued or low on morale and about to break is crucial.

    Also I found that the Duel aspect sometimes just has bad timing and reduces the importance of tactical planning and execution in the battlefield. The game shifts a bit towards balancing Characters rather than balancing Armies.

    So I wonder what others think feel and may have come to prefer in Three Kingdoms.
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    Default Re: What is your mode preference in Three Kingdoms?

    Records mode for me.

    While I do understand the appeal for Romance, because this was made specifically for this idea, with an epic behind it, Records mode for me. It's probably because we're so accustomed to having Total War battles and as a result we want to experience that, considering this is still the latest historical title as of this year. As for the battle between characters, I do not pay much attention to it, but there is a certain meta behind the units and armies. The Nanman armies are way too powerful, for example, and you need to do a lot of work to make sure they allow you to expand as you see fit on the map.

    Plus, something that esentially was introduced with Rome and Attila - the top down overview of the strategic map, both on the campaign map and battle map, is quite useful for planning strategy.
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    Default Re: What is your mode preference in Three Kingdoms?

    Dynasty Mode is a new horde-style arcade mode for Total War: THREE KINGDOMS where you choose three heroes to fight off as many waves of enemy units as you can. Made in partnership with Intel, the mode will take extra advantage of your hardware to render larger and larger unit sizes depending on your PC's spec.


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