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    It has been quite a few years since I was a member here, but I guess I am back; even got my old name back.

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    Hi there, welcome back to the Org! When were you active?
    Ja mata, TosaInu. You will forever be remembered.


    Been to:

    Swords Made of Letters - 1938. The war is looming in France - and Alexandre Reythier does not have much time left to protect his country. A novel set before the war.

    A Painted Shield of Honour - 1313. Templar Knights in France are in grave danger. Can they be saved?

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    Welcome back.
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    Thanks for the welcome. It was shortly after the Empire Total War was released, so probably around 2010. I was very interested in modding the game just for my own purposes and joined both the Org and TWC. I was a member for about a year or so. I am now again a member of both again since I am back to playing the games again (Napoleon and Empire) and have even given consideration to offering to help in some way from a documentary standpoint.
    Thanks again for the welcome,

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    Welcome back!
    Quote Originally Posted by Sooh View Post
    I wonder if I can make Csargo cry harder by doing everyone but his ISO.

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    Welcome Back!


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