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Thread: sob hordes sob killed my general sob

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    After spending sooooo long building up my byzantine army in preparation for the arrival of the hordes.. after careful selection of who should command the assault (my nine star general with all the rite VVs) .. after pitting 9,000 of my finest + 1k of mercs against these invaders ... after turning the time limit off... after battling for 1 1/2 hrs down to the last 1,000 of the horde i foolishly pressed my general to attack.... sigh. imagine what happened next. the core of my reserves .. (the vanguard had long since been destroyed/withdrawn/routed.) were tired byz infant which did not take well the mongol heavy cav that were being thrown at them. My gripe with this is that although my 9* tip top general was dead, on the other side of the field his leutenant (8*) was A OK. My army was eventually thrown off the field. It is somewhat frustrating to lose such a large (time consuming) battle due to the lose of attack bonuses ... im used to losing them due to loss of morale but it wasnt really the factor coz the byz inf dont rout just coz of death of general. (Yes i know that *s improve morale too but yu get what i mean.) The point of this rant is that an 8* general should still imbue the men with some small measure of confidence even if the main general is dead... i mean surely there would be a defined command structure.. maybe there might be a period after the generals death where some confusion is created but eventually one would think that the 8*s bonuses etc would return to his men...
    thats my rant for 2day

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    Yes, there doesn't seem to be any modelling of a chain of command on the battlefield. Once your general has gone, he has gone. I never put good generals under a better general because they're just troops (and I usually forget which ones they were and send off my high accumen governor/several star general on a suicidal attack somewhere).

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    Well, all I can say is that war isn't good for anyone's health. If you know the enemy has a general almost as good as yours, it is vital to a) protect your general at all costs and dont commit him to battle unless the situation is critical or he can score an easy kill and b) take out the enemy general and bend your tactical approach according to that goal.
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    Dead generals are easily replacable, especially for the Byzantines. All the Mongols that got slain will be harder to replace. Seems like you've lost the battle but won the war.

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    Do what the Byzantines do best. Bribe got enuff florins for a bribe, supposedly in the end its all meant to be worth it. I have no regrets bribing Mongolian armies, i like their fast horse archers. I like em I buy em.
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