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Thread: Two Upcoming Medieval Grand Strategy Games- Replacement for TW

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    Default Two Upcoming Medieval Grand Strategy Games- Replacement for TW

    I am very excited about these two games, both of them are grand strategy warfare games. Both allow multiple players to play the campaign online. I think both allow 14 players online to compete as separate realms.

    Knights of Honor 2- If you are familiar with Total war is resembles their games.

    Field of Glory: Kingdoms- More of an in-depth grand strategy game.
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    Default Re: Two Upcoming Medieval Grand Strategy Games- Replacement for TW

    Look forward to both coming out, look interesting.

    I would love a game that can have the combat like in Total War games while also having the grand strategy map-game that Paradox does so well. If Crusader Kings III was mixed with total war combat for example it'd be the perfect game, same with Victoria 3 (soon I hope) with a total war combat system up to just about the mid 20th century.

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