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Thread: Campaign map very very slow

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    Default Campaign map very very slow

    Used to play EB every day, all day about 10 years ago.
    Recently trying to give Pyrrhos another run, however, EB runs so slow especially on the campaign map that it is barely playable.
    Like whenever i try to move the map, or click on a city or an army on the map, it takes at last 1~2 seconds to respond.
    Admitted that I do not have an exactly powerful gaming PC, only a thinkpad from 5 years ago, but the game is from more than a decade ago. And my laptop runs M2TW mods and ETW mods like Stainless Steel and DarthMod Empire much more smoothly than EB.

    Hope I can still get some responce here. Anybody still playing EB I?

    BTW: I have already turned off all related effects like campaign map shadows to no avail.
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    Default Re: Campaign map very very slow

    Could be a weird fluke with your specific PC configuration. EB still still works alright for me. Have you modified your Windows install in any significant way?
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