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Thread: Editing the existing building tree

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    Unhappy Editing the existing building tree

    I am trying to make a mod according to my own perception of medieval history using RTW Alexander as a base.
    I wish to edit construction order of certain buildings in EDB like changing
    levels governors_house governors_villa governors_palace proconsuls_palace imperial_palace
    levels governors_house governors_villa governors_palace imperial_palace
    levels muster_field militia_barracks city_barracks army_barracks royal_barracks
    levels militia_barracks city_barracks army_barracks royal_barracks
    However simply deleting the unrequired building e.g musterfield and changing the upgrade order in EDB leads to err in exp_descr_advice of that building not found. If I delete reference to that excluded building in this EDA then descr_settlement_plan objects and after deletion of references to that building the game does not load after clicking on the "grand campaign" to faction selection.
    I have failed to find advice/tutorial online on how to edit existing building trees though this is a frequently done task in most new mods.
    Please guide.
    All help will be appreciated

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    Lightbulb Re: Editing the existing building tree

    Hello gorda,

    Apologies for the slow reply. As you can see, our R:TW modding is not active anymore. You may be better off asking over at the Total War Center:

    I am not a modder myself, but it sounds like the buildings you tried to delete are still somewhere on the campaign map; hence the game cannot load campaigns. Alternatively, the game could be trying to match building descriptions to the now non-existent buildings. You would have to search through exp_descr_campaign (I think) to fix the former.

    I hope this helps you further.

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