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Thread: My Civil war Book is out!!! Defending Dixie's Land...

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    Default My Civil war Book is out!!! Defending Dixie's Land...

    Defending Dixie's Land: What Every American Should Know About The South And The Civil War is an all-encompassing defense of the South. Available on Amazon. I hope you all check it out.

    Chapter 1- Look Away!!! Politically Incorrect Information About Life as a Southern Slave
    Chapter 2- I'll Take my Stand-Causes of Southern Secession: The Cotton States
    Chapter 3- I'll Take My Stand Causes of Southern Secession-The Upper South
    Chapter 4- Old Times There are not Forgotten- The Union Before Lincoln
    Chapter 5- To Live And Die In Dixie - Black Support For The Confederacy
    Chapter 6- I Wish I Was in the Land of Cotton- Southern Agrarians vs. Northern Industrialization
    Chapter 7- Treatment of Minorities North vs. South
    Chapter 8- Will, the Real Abraham Lincoln Please, Stand up?
    Chapter 9- Politically Incorrect Information About Slavery
    Chapter 10- The Old Times are Gone with the Wind

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    Default Defending Dixie's Land now on Sale!

    Despised by Yankees, loved by true-hearted Southerners, Defending Dixies Land is now available at a reduced price!

    Book Review by Professor Clyde Wilson

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    Default What People are Saying About Defending Dixie's Land!

    "In my time I have written probably 200 or more book reviews. I have never used the comment "you ought to get this book." I am using it now."
    -Clyde Wilson is a distinguished Professor Emeritus of History at the University of South Carolina

    We've been lied to…This book is well sourced and informative… It is well thought out and put together. It is a "must have" for anyone wanting the truth about the Old South.
    Charles K. Redmon

    If you sick of the lies and current rhetoric being spread…this is the book for you…This book should be required reading for everyone!!
    R. Sullivan

    Everything you know is wrong…like in The Matrix, you have two options: take the blue pill and wake up believing whatever you want to, or take the red pill and see how deep the rabbit hole goes. The choice is yours.
    John Smith

    The history we were never taught.
    Art Balotis

    The authors research, insight and writing skills come together to make an instant classic. Any objective reader will come away from this book with changed view of not only the Old South, but of modern society as well.
    Kindle Customer

    Bishop’s book should be required reading in every high school in America. But to paraphrase Colonel Nathan Jessep, “We can’t handle the truth!”.

    Excellent read. I usually don’t write reviews for anything, but this book was too good not to recommend. Public education won’t teach what’s written here. It should be a required read in schools. Clearly cited references are abundant.
    Matthew Beach

    This clears up decades of misinformation and misrepresentation of the South. Knowledge is power.

    Truth isn’t pc!....This is the other side of the story.
    Paul Hartsock

    The truth reavealed
    A. J. Campagna

    An absolute must read
    dave mountain

    The Truth will set You Free
    Tim McGee


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