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Thread: Battle Replays: Can't find Dumplog

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    Hello Folks!

    Just as the title says, I've been attempting to save my battles so that I can narrate over them and create a more cinematic viewing experience on my youtube channel. Threads like this one -
    indicate that this is possible.

    I've created the .exe shortcuts named "record" and "replay". I've changed the title's in properties to "destination" ER and "destination" mEP. I've opened up a game and played a battle under the "record" shortcut...but there's no "dumplog" subfolder in my STW folder... There's a "logfile" subfolder which is all text. There is a "savegame" subfolder which is empty. My Medieval Total War folder has a "dumplog" what gives?

    I've tried this with custom battles and campaign battles. I've searched the forum to see if anyone else had had this problem and nothing. That's not a good sign because that indicates that this may be a rather niche issue relating to just my game files. So this is a desperation post, just throwing this out here just in case someone has an answer or has had a similar experience.

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    omg I just copy pasted the dumplog from the MTW folder into and STW folder and voila, it worked

    you ever work on trying to figure out something way late into the night, staying way past your bedtime in an effort to solve the problem. and then it turns out all you needed to do was sleep on it. yeah...

    welp sorry for the wasted thread but now at least the stupid answer to this stupid problem is here now if anyone else ever has the same issue


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