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Thread: Novgorod problems

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    I went into early and made the Nov a playable faction partly for the challeng and partly because I wanted BOYARS.
    I have the buildings now for boyars...yet I cannot build them. Also I cannot build feudal sargents. How do I corect this? I have geared my tech builds to boyars and spears and I am so F'ed.
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    Boyars are high era units..and novogrod dont have fuedal sergents, only spear, urban militia, vikings and halbeirders.

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    Right on. Here's every unit available
    intrinsically to the Novgorod/Russian faction:

    Mounted Crossbowmen
    Mounted Archers
    Steppe Cavalry (not every "Russian" province)
    Bulgarian Brigands
    Pavise Arbalasters
    Pavise Crossbowmen
    Militia Seargants
    Urban Militia
    Woodsmen (certain provinces only)
    (usual ballista and artillery units
    available to Catholic factions)

    It would help immensely to:
    1) Conquer Lithuania and Poland in order
    to secure the ability to train Lithuanian
    Cavalry and Polish Retainers respectively.
    This will help flesh out your cavalry ranks.

    2) Build inns and buy yourself some quality
    swordsmen or longbowmen to help strengthen the
    backbone of your army on the battlefield.

    3) Make Switzerland "Slavic"
    Even though you're Novgorod-ian/Russian,
    you can still train Swiss Habeldiers ,
    Swiss Pikemen and ultimately, SAP

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    don't forget to train those novgorod vikings
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    Quote Originally Posted by [b
    Quote[/b] (Basileus @ Jan. 28 2003,19:51)]Boyars are high era units..and novogrod dont have fuedal sergents, only spear, urban militia, vikings and halbeirders.
    Boyars are All Periods . That's why in the basic {unmodifed} game the Princes of Novgorod have them

    Halberdiers are HIGH, LATE however so they won't help him much in Early

    I suggest downloading Paladins' 1092 Venice Variant {the latest I think} as he modded Novgorod playable and Boyars were to be had with the right Buildings} and see how he did it .

    I thought the building requirements were a bit high {for Boyars} and unrealistic {or not representitive enough for my tastes} , so I modded them but found the Code took exception if I tried to lower the Horse Breeder leval or not include some leval of Armourer . Therefor the code might be a little odd where Boyars are concerned .
    To get Feudal Sergents for a non-catholic faction , you have to mod the Feudals to also be of that culture . Thus , where the culture entry is {ie , where it says CATHOLIC which is near the end of the Feudal Sergents coloumb between COVER(0) , a tab and the other side of it is two tabs then the number 2} you should put a quotation mark {you know , a "} right before the word CATHOLIC then a commer then a space then the word ORTHODOXand a quotation mark right after that so you will then have
    in the culture entry for that unit , then so long as you also added in NOVGOROD into the Factions that can build this unit entry you should be good to go .
    The game controls what each faction can build by several parameters {or what ever the monkey you would call them} which are {to the best of my knowledge} : Faction , Culture and Buildings . Your faction needs to meet all three criteria to be able to build the unit . If Feudal Sergents are still only a Catholic unit the no Orthodox {or moslim} faction will be able to build them .

    After looking again , I remember they {F.S.} are written for ALL_FACTIONS , so you will want to either change that to "ARAGON, BURGUNDIAN, ENGLAND, FRANCE, GERMANY_HRE etc including every catholic faction and his dog or just except Byzantines building them also . I simply made Finland the Province where vanilla spears get a +1 bonus {made sense to me} and this makes them much like basic Feudal Sergents anyway {Byzantium got altered Saracen Infantry , altered 60 man Byzantine Infantry and I altered Feudal Sergents a bit - +1 Defence and Armour and higher price . Novgorod got Pronoiai Allagion and Varangians because I like them and I am toying with the idea of making a specific Pagan Novgorod Mod -Novgorod was fully Pagan untill shortly after the first crusade and I will make it an alternative history from there}

    If I was a betting man {and a Yank } , I lay a Benjaman that this thread gets moved to the Dungeon before Tyrac fixes his mod
    THe moderators are quick on the draw around these parts
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    Well it is a safe bet. I looked at the files last day or 2 and I am not going to mess with them more then I already have. I was having troble with Boyar because my little chart from game told me the WRONG buildings. From looking at the unit file I saw they needed Horse and armor not armor and bow. Hurt my plan but oh well.

    As for getting the fuedals...well if they are not allowed for the Nov's then I will just have to deal with it.

    I am a bit worried as my tactics were usually a Elite spear wall and a line of Arbalesters with some Hand to Hand to plug holes. Ahh well. I am playing the Nov's so it will be hard not easy anyway.
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