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Thread: Campaign mapping documentation?

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    Default Campaign mapping documentation?

    I've had a look around, and I'm not able to find any guides for campaign map modding. The closest I can find is threads from 20 years ago, and the readme/faq that ships with LMM4.

    Thankfully it seems as though the tools necessary to create a new campaign map are still available - but I can't make any sense of them. The instructions seem mostly to have been written by and for people who already know how to do the work, and for decades-old computer systems.

    It is clearly possible to make new campaign maps for MTW - if someone could point me in the right direction for finding the necessary information, or how to get started, I'd appreciate it!

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    Default Re: Campaign mapping documentation?

    You got mail

    A mod for Medieval:TW (with VI)

    Discussion forum thread

    Download A Game of Thrones Mod v1.4


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