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Thread: Happy to have finally set up an account.

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    Default Happy to have finally set up an account.

    Hello everyone.

    I've been a long time lurker on here and finally decided to create an account.

    I have a deep passion for history, thats why I love the Total War series. Medieval 2 being my favorite.

    I decided to name myself Turkoman, as that is not only a unit in Medieval 2, but also my ethnic background. I also descent from Slavs, but didn't want to name myself "Slavic peasant", for obvious reasons XD

    Hopefully we'll have great interactions here.

    God bless.

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    Default Re: Happy to have finally set up an account.

    [slow screech of the stuck sally door to the fortress gate edging open]

    Eh? What's th...

    Didn't expect to see another of you.

    Well, come in come in. Lot's of dust and cracked furniture about but...still a few things of interest I suppose...
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