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Thread: Total war Napoleon co-op bug

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    Default Total war Napoleon co-op bug

    I just got total war Napoleon for me and my friend but whenever we played the co-op campaign and ended our turn on one of our screens it says that it’s the players turn but on the other screen it says that it’s the AI’s turn and he isn’t able to play at all because on his screen it’s still stuck on the AI factions turn. It’s not frozen because the flag animation still plays but this would happen very frequently and it was almost instant whenever we’d start a co-op campaign. It’s a nearly unplayable bug and every time we had to reload a save but usually we needed to start all over because it’d just glitch in turn 1 or turn 2. Is there anyway to fix this permanently?

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    I also got the same error in my battle. Hope it will be fixed soon.

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