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    Default Greetings!

    My name's Tim and I've never played video games, I just happebed to stumble upon your forum while searching for something entirely unrelated. I was really delighted to see such a deep, longstanding community. Not many forums can last 24 years.

    I mainly want to to talk about archival issues with the forum. Cheers.
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    Greetings, 1980s . In our heyday, the Org was a bustling international community of gamers centered around the Total War series. Today, there is only a tiny bit of activity. Indeed though, there is a lot of information captured here on a variety of subjects, not just about games.

    I felt a bit wistful, seeing that no one had responded to your greeting. In the past, numerous members and staff made a regular habit of welcoming new members. So, I've come out of the shadows to belatedly perform what used to be a light and fun duty: Welcome to The Org!

    P.S. Your monicker inspired a grin; the 80s were grand in my experience :)
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    Greetings and welcome to the Org!
    Ja mata, TosaInu. You will forever be remembered.


    Been to:

    Swords Made of Letters - 1938. The war is looming in France - and Alexandre Reythier does not have much time left to protect his country. A novel set before the war.

    A Painted Shield of Honour - 1313. Templar Knights in France are in grave danger. Can they be saved?

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    Archival issues sound intriguing. Since I'm also a newbie here, I'm curious to hear your thoughts on it. Feel free to share!


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