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Thread: Game Keeps Freezing in Same Battle

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    Default Game Keeps Freezing in Same Battle

    I attacked one party and 2 other parties joined to enemy side. In deployment game keeps freezing and had to restart the game to even alt tab. Game would freeze time to time but it was more manageble. At this point i can't move forward in the game unless i decide to not attack which is quite annoying. I used large address aware on m2tweop gui and medieval 2 exes. Administrator rights makes game more unplayable. I suppose some graphic settings crashes game too. Please help me in this regard.

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    Now also i have series of error logs, Most of the lines are slightly different. One example is down below.

    19:50:04.991 [script.err] [error] Script Error in mods/ebii/data/export_descr_buildings.txt, at line 45674, column 3
    Building DB error - faction slave has gap in building prior to stock_two


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