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    Cool Hi. Hi. Hi

    Hi, guys. My name is Mikhail or Kosak4, when speaking about the web.

    I've written three times the "Hi", so this means I'm from Russia, because "The God loves the Trinity"...

    About me. I've playing Rome Total War since 2005, when I was in first class in school and played it in a Celeron one-core CP based on Pentium 4.

    Since 2014 (or earlier) I started to make mods for this game.

    I registrated here to publish my mods and get to know new things.

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    Welcome to the Org.
    EB Online Founder | Website
    Former Projects:
    - Vartan's EB Submod Compilation Pack

    - Asia ton Barbaron (Armenian linguistics)
    - EB:NOM (Armenian linguistics/history)
    - Dominion of the Sword (Armenian linguistics/history, videographer)

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    Thank you. May you show me where can I publish my mods in this site?

    For example, Rome Total War Alexander Kosak4 Multiplayer Improovments MOD
    Rome Total War Alexander El MOD Multijugador mejorado de Kosak4


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